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Well….I decided to do it. I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now but I think it’s time and it should be a total hoot! The new trading room opens next week on the morning of Tuesday July 5th. Here is a letter I sent out to some people that said they were interested in the room. This gives you some basic information on it along with pricing and that way you don’t have to send me an email if you don’t want to. See how nice I am?!?! I really hope you guys will consider it.

The room would be open every trading day, in most cases, from 9:15 EST to 1:00 EST, take a 2 hour lunch break, and then come back for the last hour or so of trading. The room would stay open even if I’m not around so you all can chat amongst yourselves. This will obviously change on occasion. Sometimes I won’t take a lunch and we’ll go all day. Sometimes I’ll actually want to (gasp) take a vacation with my family so I’ll either have someone else sit in or we’ll miss a day. I don’t take a lot of vacations so that’s not a big problem but I feel you need to know all of these things going in because I’m sure people will ask!

Here is the pricing on the new room.

$79/month – Students who have taken my mentoring course.

$299/month – Participants can obviously hear AND see what I’m doing in the trading room

There will be a free month given to those that sign up on a 12 month basis so they’d get 12 months for the price of 11.

The room will allow you to type and potentially talk to me and others while the trading day rolls on. Everyone will hear all of my calls on any and all trades that are taken as well as those tickers given to me by participants as long as there’s a trade setting up in those tickers. In the downtime I’ll also give feedback to others on trades they may already be in.

I will also be working on longer term trades for the trading rooms as well. I really prefer to get in and hold for a few days if possible so I won’t JUST be day trading. We’ll all be swing and longer term trading as the opportunities present themselves.

If I get enough people to start this trading room, and as it grows, the prices may change but they will NEVER change for those that are already in at the price they started at. I don’t believe in doing that to people who have been loyal. I went round and round about the pricing and, while I think I’m a bit under priced actually, I think it’s a fair start to get things going. Even at the $299 a month price we just need a 6 point profit on the ES futures over the course of an entire MONTH for you to break even. I’ll also be doing some training on things during the course of each month (such as showing people how to trade the futures or my Elliot Wave webinar) which will more than cover the $299 price in and by itself.

So let’s try this out! There’s a part of me that wonders why I would want to strap myself to a chair every day but there’s a whole larger part of me that’s excited about the opportunity to visit with people in a trading community and share ideas. It’s a great chance for me to educate others and if we all make some money in the meantime then how cool is that! I honestly believe there’s great potential here for everyone and the risk is really rather small. In this business no one can be perfect so I’m sure you’ve all lost $299 on a trade, or a few trades, over the course of your trading lifetime but I truly believe my knowledge and experience can be of great help to others that are just willing to try it out.

Welcome to the ground floor of a new venture! If you do have any further questions about the room or any of the products I offer feel free to email me at and I’ll get right back to you. I should have a clickable ad up in the next few days you can use to sign up as well. Can’t wait!

Brian Johnson
The Stock Mentor


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