The Stock Mentor Testimonial

The Stock Mentor Testimonial

The Stock Mentor Testimonial

The Stock Mentor Testimonial

Brian’s mentoring concentrates on the work itself, the job of trading stocks. It cuts through the clutter of opinion and biases, (most importantly my own), and taught me to use trading tools and concepts in a practical way. In the trading room I can follow Brian’s professional and profitable use of those tools and logic, as well as take advantage of his students’ knowledge and judgment. Having more eyes on the market is a significant advantage.

In the year since I took Brian’s course I have cleaned-up my portfolio from the losses suffered when I left our savings with a “financial adviser.” Since I am not trading a huge account, my trading income is not huge, but it is contributing to what we euphemistically call “a comfortable seniority.”

Robert – Taos, New Mexico

Testimonial with regards to the Stock Mentoring Program

8 March 2011

I refer to the above matter and herewith would like to express my appreciation for including me in your mentoring program.

On the outset, I would like to record that I have been trading full time for 2 years without real success.  During this time I read many trading books and attended various courses.  This program was my last attempt at trying to master the trading game before throwing in the towel.  Considering my past trading educational experience, I expected the program to merely be a revision of what I had learned together with a faint hope that I might pick up something to turn my trading around.  I could not have been more wrong.

The mentoring program is much more than a just a trading or Technical Analysis course.  The comprehensive theoretical material that is covered in the program is greatly complimented by your obvious vast knowledge and experience of Technical Analysis and more importantly trading the markets.  The one on one interaction with you was an enjoyable and easy–going experience that allowed me to fully comprehend the theoretical material and practicalities of trading.

Your professionalism in your dealings with me was quite refreshing and speaks volumes about your integrity.  The hours spent during the first part of the programme together with your future mentorship does not in my opinion justify the small fee. 

I have no reservations with recommending the Stock Mentoring Program to other traders or would be traders and will gladly attest to your credibility.

You have given me the final piece of the puzzle and I am honoured to have you as a mentor.

Best regards


Brisbane, Australia

Brian’s stock mentoring program is very complete and worth the money. You will have a better understanding of the markets. It is truly a huge benefit to have access to help after the “class room” portion is complete. Topics include charting, entries, exits, stops, and finding the right stocks to play. It will even help you take better control of your 401k!

Brian – Appleton, WI

A Testimonial to Brian Johnson’s “The Stock Mentoring Program”

July 13, 2010

I have been an investment trader for approximately five years and have experienced the usual ups and downs that many of you have had. I have committed numerous hours watching investment educational seminars, reading books, talking to stock investors, and watching the television “Talking Heads”. It was apparent that the more time I committed to this education method, the more confused I became and the more my trading suffered. This was not working for me. I had to do something different.

There are basically two paths to acquiring knowledge: buy it or rent it. I am a small businessman who has owned apartment buildings, automotive repair shops, convenience stores, and a web based used book business. These business commitments did not leave a lot of time to learn about how to invest money in the market. I did what many of you have done and are still doing. I worked hard, earned a profit, and put my money in the hands of a “Financial Specialist”. When the markets started to fall, it became obvious that the broker was “Someone Else’s Financial Specialist”. By the time he got to my account, my portfolio was showing all red. I first thought my Computer Monitor went bad. That was not the case. He lost a lot of my money.

This is our money. No one will take care of it like you or I will. I now needed to find out how to “Profitably Invest” money in the markets and decided hire an investment coach. There are coaches for everything today. Why not investments? I started locally by talking to friends, family, my Accountant, and then moved to the Internet. My search produced a list of Stock Investment Mentors and Brian was on it. After checking company references, scam alerts, and each of the mentor websites, Brian moved up to the top of the list. I made the call, spent an hour getting to know him, found out what he had to offer, and got the names of three of his students to talk to. All three students called me back and all three students were extremely satisfied with the course.

Here are some quotes from the three Student phone conversations:

  • Excellent and accomplished teacher, interactive teaching style, excellent one-on-one tutoring.
  • The course starts with trading psychology and builds into the technical side of trading with a strong emphasis on chart analysis. Patient, with excellent support.
  • Brian is a great “No B.S.” mentor who is very knowledgeable, highly accomplished, and extremely detailed.
  • You will learn to trade based on knowledge, not emotion.
  • You will learn how to get in and out of trades and how to process trade rather than emotion trade. If you follow the rules, you will do fine.
  • Brian stresses risk & reward management by minimizing your losses and letting your profits run.
  • Excellent follow up after mentoring course.
  • Brian provides you with free additional trading tools such as his custom made trading journal spreadsheet and fundamental stock finding spreadsheet, which are extremely valuable.

I discussed the course costs, teaching style, and course outline. Brian offered a free first mentoring session with a money back guarantee. He holds the check until after the first few sessions are complete. If either you or he is not satisfied with how the sessions went, the money is returned and there is no cost to you. I sent Brian the check, completed the first two hour segment of the course, was very satisfied, and took the course. I completed the course in approximately nine sessions that lasted three hours each. The ongoing trading support that you receive after the course is completed is what sets Brian’s course above the rest. This is where the real value is – Getting to practice your trading to internalize all the information you learned in the class time. You will make several stock share trades to start practicing your trading ability, to record them in your Journal, and to go over each of them with Brian to see where you may need improvement or where you are proficient.

The course was fantastic and the support and follow up is the best. If you are serious about learning how to invest in the market, I strongly recommend that you take Brian’s course. I would also like to emphasize that you should take the course at a pace that you can be comfortable with to take consistent, accurate and detailed notes. Do not rush it. These notes will become the foundation of you trading education. The information is technical, complex, detailed, and sometimes hard to grasp at first. Brian will provide you with the trading tools, knowledge, and how they work. It is your responsibility to become proficient in using them. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Brian will answer all of your questions. It’s a big decision. Hopefully, you will make the right one.

Bob – A Stock Mentor Graduate

While I took the Mentoring Classes with Brian, a lot of the TA I had read about, began to fall in place. It is Brian’s personal approach to trading and to TA, that has given me the tools and the understanding of the market that now makes it possible for me to make a profit. With his outstanding insight in the market and his calm patience with me, Brian made me understand how to make a profit on a trade. The tools that Brian emailed me also made it possible for me to understand why I took a loss on a trade.

Looking back on the many instructors and teachers I met during my professional years, Brian stands out. He truly is the tops when it comes to Mentoring about what he loves to do, trading.
Oh, and do not forget to memorize his Magic Numbers, they may come in handy when you are trading!

Good Luck with your trading from
Mogens – Canada

It’s been almost a year since taking Brian’s class and I feel to be a more accomplished trader. It’s very thorough and goes along at a pace adjusted to each individuals learning curve. I can’t recall how many times we would have to go back and rehash a few things because it is an awful lot of information and he readily spent the extra time necessary to ensure my total understanding. It makes his video all the more valuable inasmuch as it allows you to easier comprehend the style in which Brian trades. You’ll have many questions after the course and I assure you they will be answered in the same courteous, effective and fun manner that the course is given in. Well worth the cost has been my opinion.

Jim – Chicago, IL

Hi everyone my name is Ivan, I live in Miami, Florida ,and the first time trying to get educated in stock trading I found a school that charged me thousands of Dollars, they gave me a bunch of information for a week, “they told me” how trade one specific stock but never taught me “how to trade” in any market or any situation and when I needed them they were never there to help. I remembered my teacher gave her business card to call her but she never answered. I was very frustrated because I didn’t know what to do but I had a friend who was following this guy in the internet and she told me about him. I remembered she gave the website www.thestockmentor.com and I took a look and watched his videos. I liked the easy explanation he had and you were able to understand it in a simple way. It was very easy to understand him so I called Brian and took the course and it was the best because I felt that I was learning how to trade in any market and with any stock. The most important thing is that Brian is always there when you need him, and that has no price. I can tell you that my trading improved about 70% since Brian’s classes. Brian, thank you for your help and God Bless you.

Ivan – Florida