Stock Market Mentor
If you want to invest in the stock market you must understand that without the right education you’re at a huge disadvantage. Serious investors that are currently trading stock online have taken the time to build a firm foundation from which to base their trading off of. What have you done? Read a bunch of books? Scoured the Internet? This may give you good information but has it actually made you a more consistently profitable trader? As I said earlier, it’s not just about having any kind of online trading education……’s about having the right online trading education. That’s the focus here at

Trading Fear
You can paper trade stock all you want but until you have real money in the markets you can’t properly learn to control your emotions. If you really want to make money with the stock market you’ll have to conquer your own fear of trading. You read this all the time in books and on the Internet but what’s the real secret to conquering your fear? That’s easy….knowledge. When you know why you’re doing what you’re doing then your decisions become much easier to make and fear takes a backseat. WHY are you entering the trade at that particular spot? WHY are you putting your stop at that location? If you can’t back up your answers to these questions with a solid market technical analysis when you enter a stock trade then you need to reevaluate your trading future!

I hope you're finding the site useful and learning from the videos. If you have any interest in the mentoring classes or would just like to send me a note please feel free to contact me using the form below.

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How Do You Trade Stocks?
If you’re looking for a stock trade system that’s more than just ‘go long on green’ or ‘go short on red’ type signals then getting the right education is your next step. Those online stock trade software sites are only good for a short time and when the markets change it makes stock market trading software all but useless. Learning how to invest stock is more than just opening an account somewhere and taking that office guy’s ‘great tip’. To find a good stock to invest in takes a strong foundational knowledge of both technicals and fundamentals when you’re looking for candlestick chart patterns. Knowing these two things proficiently will stack the odds in your favor of finding the best online stock trade.

What is swing trading?
Swing trading is when you hold a position at least overnight and are out of that position within a couple of weeks. This is, in my opinion, one of the easiest ways to trade however swing trading stock picks without knowing exactly why you’re getting in or out of a trade is a sure fire way to blow up your trading account quickly. Other sites may offer a swing trading guide or swing trading tips but why not learn how to find these stock setups yourself? When you’re done with the stock mentoring course not only will you be proficient at day trading and investment trading but we’ll also focus a lot on swing trading. This allows you to keep your fulltime job and still make money in the stock market. Taking you well beyond just an introduction to swing trading the mentoring helps you immediately identify a good swing trading chart at a glance. Once you’ve applied all of the other numerous points from the mentoring course and have actually entered the trade then managing it is a breeze allowing you plenty of free time to look for other good swing trading stock picks. If this is what you’ve been trying to accomplish with your trading (and let’s be honest…..of course it is!) then my swing trading class will help you find the freedom and profits you’ve been looking for.

What can I trade after the mentoring course?
In a word….everything! If you ever wanted to know how to trade penny stocks or would like to learn to trade forex charts based on a strong foundation in technical analysis then the mentoring is an absolute must. When using technical analysis stocks can tell you and incredible story if you just know what you’re looking at. Looking at a basic stock candlestick chart may not mean a whole lot to most people but when you truly know how to read candlestick charts you’re trading profits will soar. It’s like learning a whole new language!

Numerous sites claim to be trading mentors but what do I offer that those sites don’t? I’ll show you how to buy calls and puts which also makes me your options trading mentor as well!