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So the new site is up and running! I still have a LOT of work and tweaking to do but over time I really think this is going to be a good move in the bigger picture. Feel free to wander around the site and click on things to make sure the links are all working. I’m having a few problems with Internet Explorer but Firefox and Chrome are working great so far. If you have any problems please let me know and make sure to include which browser you’re using. The new site allows me to cater a bit more to the mobile users out there which has been a heavy request from a lot of my viewers.  Those that have long drives home will now be able to more easily view the videos with this new format.  I’m very excited and believe this new site has an incredible potential for growth.  I hope you guys really enjoy it and keep your eyes peeled for a lot of new features in the coming months!


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  1. paul on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 6:23 pm 

    Mon. to Sun. calendar is very confusing to me.

    Agree / no ???? Maybe you didn’t notice yet.

  2. Sandeep on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 7:07 pm 

    Hi Brian..
    Thanks for your videos. they are really informative. I watch them everyday now to get good understanding of where the markets are going and these trends really do work out. I was kinda doubtful before but after watching your videos and seeing those lines in the charts and pivot points, it amazes me how they are working. nice work.. thanks…


  3. admin on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 8:57 pm 

    The calendar will allow you to go back and see posts from previous days as we go forward. It’s a little useless right now but it will serve a purpose eventually!

  4. admin on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 8:59 pm 

    VERY glad you’re enjoying the videos and those trendlines do work like magic when you get them in the right places. Take the mentoring and you’ll know how to do all of this yourself! HAHA! ;-)

  5. j on Sun, 23rd Jan 2011 11:34 am 

    usually the pop up blocker shows up on the screen and ask do you want to temporarily allow access etc….it doesn’t happen when i click on this screen….i did notice you have the same film under subscribers as under market videos, maybe you have both screens protected for only subscribers…..also i see a paragraph under educational videos but no videos……i don’t know about the 64 bits….

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