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Mar 16 – Sorry everyone. I only had time to do a video for the subscribers today. As summer starts to get closer I’ll be doing more outdoors with the family so the free daily market videos may be a bit sporadic from week to week. I’ll always do my best to get one done but there’s isn’t always time when the weather gets warm!

No follow through on the SPX hammer candle from yesterday as I mentioned in yesterday’s video and the bears are starting to show some real strength. Another good move today and our short positions in the Indices are really starting to pay off with a gain of about 40-50 points so far. This trend is starting to pick up steam and while I’m moving my stops I’m not quite ready to run away from my bear positions quite yet! Let’s see if the bulls even try to make a move before the end of the week and recover some lost ground. AAPL took a whooping today in the aftermath and moves below the levels of $340 I gave you yesterday turned out to be VERY nice profits and it fell and stopped right at perfect support! A very easy trade to make today for $8-$10 profits. FAZ above $43 or $43.50 as recommended worked out beautifully as well today. If you’ve been playing along you should have made money today!

I’ll do my best to get a video out to you tomorrow which I don’t think will be a problem. Good trading today and let’s see if the bears can continue their work into the end of the week!


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