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Mar 11 – Ten points were reclaimed on the SPX today and it still appears neither side really wants to make a move in the bigger picture. The bears really needed some kind of confirmation to solidify their move from yesterday but they still don’t seem to have the power.


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  1. Herbert Grahn on Sat, 12th Mar 2011 5:21 am 

    Hello, and many thanks for your insightful comments on technical analysis. About yesterday´s close in black after bad statistic and the huge tsunami and earthquake in Japan, looming problmes in Arab countries – What is it to be happy about on Wall street??.
    Can´t help thinking that the ppt is acting every time the bears make some effort to take down the market.

  2. admin on Sun, 13th Mar 2011 3:09 pm 

    It certainly seems that the markets are being propped up here by something! At this point it’s hard to know if it’s the PPT or if big money is just holding on for the time being looking for higher prices before taking profits but it’s true that NO amount of bad news seems to have ANY effect on the markets right now.

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