Free Market Video Feb 22 2011

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Feb 22 – A red candle? What in the world does THAT represent? It has been a staple lately that mentioning the word ‘bear’ and ‘strength’ were in no way synonymous with market action but today we get to change all of that….for at least a day anyways. Today the market was a strong day for the bears. The charts show it and the internals confirmed it all day long. There’s just one thing left to mention. We haven’t broken the larger areas of lower support I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks. Will those FINALLY go in the next few days?


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  1. Sheree on Wed, 23rd Feb 2011 4:56 pm 

    I love the intro on this – made me laugh – lather, rinse, repeat – not! But certainly not the same old, same old!

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