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Bernanke spoke and we saw a bit of a pullback today in the markets. The bears were licking their chops in the hopes that this will finally be ‘the one’ but we’ve seen this scenario a LOT the past few weeks/months and guess what happened? Yep….another ‘buy the dip’ rally at the end of the day. We didn’t hear a whole lot of positive things today but the market hasn’t really cared what the news does or does not say so let’s see if the charts will continue to lead the way. On a side note some of my individual picks for the subscribers are working out VERY this week so while the markets didn’t move a whole lot today there were some stocks that moved quite well. With entry and stop prices given to them it made for some good trading.


2 Comments on "Free Market Video Feb 09 2011"

  1. john on Wed, 9th Feb 2011 6:22 pm 

    you posted yesterdays video. thanks for all you do. jt

  2. admin on Wed, 9th Feb 2011 11:14 pm 

    Well THAT was stupid. All fixed now! Thanks for the heads up!

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