Educational Videos

Wondering how to read candlestick charts? Simply looking for some free stock trading training? Want to learn to invest stock based on more than your best guess? These free trading videos will serve as a quick online trading tutorial that’s sure to get you well on your way to understanding the basics of technical analysis.


Japanese candlestick charting is currently the most popular form of stock charting. In order to understand candlestick charting techniques you must first understand how to read a candlestick. This free trading video will show you the basics of a candlestick.


Whether it’s average volume, market volume, fx volume or trade volume a better understanding of how to read a volume chart is an absolute necessity if you want to learn how to trade stocks.

Swing Highs/Lows

If you want to learn swing trading then you must first learn what a swing high and a swing low are! This free stock trading video will help you gain a better understanding of swing highs and swing lows.


Pullback buy and pullback sell are two very common terms used in technical analysis. This free trading video will introduce you to pullback trading and how to better identify a stock market pullback.


Understanding the technical analysis of stock trends can help immensely in leading to stock market profit. When you can easily identify market trends through some simple market trends analysis building a foundation in consistency becomes much more simple.

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are two things you’ll hear me talk a lot about in my videos. Recognizing where stock support and stock resistance are in a candlestick chart will better help you identify entries and exits for your trades.

Moving Averages

What’s the difference between an exponential average and a moving day average? A moving average is probably the most popular technical analysis indicator. This free trading tutorial video will help familiarize you with moving averages.

Fibonacci Retracements

The use of fibonacci technical analysis is an interesting mathematical approach to trading. Charting fibonacci retracements is not difficult to do and it provides a great tool for your trading toolbox.