Why is it so difficult to make consistent profits when you invest in the stock markets? This is a question I get asked a lot and the answer is really very simple. Numerous places on the Internet will attempt to give you an education on how to trade stocks online but the real secret is getting the right education.

Building a solid foundation on which to base your trading is of the utmost importance to survival in the markets. That is what I focus on here at TheStockMentor.com. As a stock market mentor I try my best to educate others in the proper way to stock trade online by building a firm foundation which ultimately leads to consistent profits for my students.

Learning to trade stock through candlestick chart analysis gives you the ability to make money investing in stock by stacking all of the odds in your favor. By identifying candlestick chart patterns on a candlestick stock chart you can then apply all of the other principles contained in my education to greatly increase your confidence and watch your profits skyrocket!

Whether you’ve been swing trading or day trading for 2 days or 20 years or you’re simply looking for the best stock to invest in I’m positive there’s something you can learn from the information contained in these web pages. My experience as a stock mentor has allowed me to help numerous people, just like you, become more confident and successful traders in the world of online trading. If you’re looking to become consistently profitable when you online stock trade then you’re at the right place.

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My MARKET VIDEOS page gives you free technical analysis charts in a video format. These candlestick charts will help you learn how to trade stock in a style called ‘technical analysis’. In today’s stock market technical analysis is probably the most popular way to stock trade. Using this method can, when used correctly, help you find the best stock to invest in. Look around the site and find out for yourself what an investment technical analysis can be to your trading future.

If you’re new to trading and curious about how to trade stock make sure you visit my EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS page for some free trading videos on the very basics of trading. This will help you understand the basic terminology used in the trading world and will help you build a firm foundation from which to get your trading career started.